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WWE 2K19 Story – John Cena UNVEILS $800k Gifts For WWE AGGRESSION Roster

The WWE 2K19 Story continues with the fallout to John Cena’s first ppv under the Aggression umbrella. The green brand’s champion, Neville defended the Ultimate championship against the prodigal son, Adam Cole. Filmed on PC & PS4.

1 year ago, Cena inked a new deal with the WWE after a short hiatus in hollywood. Cena hired the globes naughtiest lawyer, Dr Dirk Palumbo. Together they conned Stephanie into signing paperwork that would grant Cena the right to purchase a WWE brand extension franchise that would operate underneath the WWE umbrella, and air on the WWE network.

At the end of Cena’s deal as an active wrestler, he decided to activate this clause and bought a WWE franchise. He briefly teased bringing back either WCW or ECW as his brand, but ultimately decided to start “The Green Brand” WWE Aggression.

• Rob Van Dam & xpac mod by Bravebird31.
• Enzo Amore by JimmyVeez.
• Thanks to 2K for the free DLC.
• Custom arenas & branding by ElementGames.

• custom themes are by popular custom creators.
Epic John Cena, & Jericho themes here: AdamM and Hotman718 and

• Production music by , ourmusicbox & Ross Bugden

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WWE 2K19 Demo – Universe Mode, Rivalry Manager & Custom Shows – PS4/XB1 Gameplay Prototype

WWE 2K19 Demo Gameplay Prototype featuring Universe Mode, Rivalry Manager & custom shows. PS4 & XB1 Platform.

That time of the year is now here ! It’s time for ElementGames to start developing some WWE 2K19 prototypes!

With this being the second episode of the WWE 2K19 ideas, it’s now time to build on the main framework design. A big congratulations to Rey Mysterio who has been announced as the 1st pre-order bonus and AJ Styles, who has been named as the cover star for this years title.

Future episodes will see us dig into WWE 2K19 GM Mode, as its a mode i really enjoyed way back in Smackdown vs RAW & now the brand split is back, it could be in the works for future WWE Games!

I will be going into much more detail as the episodes move forward, so jump on that hype wagpn now and subscribe with notifications on! become an ELEMENTAL! Notions will potentially come at the rate of about 1 a week, dependanton my schedule and the intricacy of the design. These prototype demo’s take along time to develop.

Music Credits :

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Most Downloaded Awesome Roman Reigns Attires in WWE 2K19

A collection of the most downloaded & Awesome WWE 2K19 Roman Reigns attires you can download via community creations in the game. Some of these look sick!

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WWE 2K19 What Happens if You Wrestle The Grandma Fan in the Crowd?

What happens if Daniel Bryan wrestles the grandma fans from the crowd in the WWE 2K19 Career? Check out more from ElementGames on YouTube gaming
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