WWE 2K19 Story – John Cena SILENCES The Snitch

The John Cena WWE 2K19 Story is back as Cena goes ALL IN in an attempt to silence The Godfather from revealing the truth that could bring down the entire WWE Aggression brand. Last week Everyone thought Cena was in japan looking for new WWE Superstars, but it turns out he was recovering a lost championship belt! Filmed on PC & WWE 2K19 PS4.

PLOT : Shady John Cena got bored of wrestling and wanted to become a wrestling advocate. He selected the world’s most notorious lawyer for the job and included a secret stipulation into his WWE contract that allowed him to purchase his own brand extension upon his withdrawal from the active roster. He used this chance to create the green brand known as WWE Aggression, the franchise acts as the official 3rd main show for the WWE and is a part of the Draft and co-branded ppv’s such as Backlash and Wrestlemania. This is episode 16 of this custom show, you can catch up with the rest of the series episodes here:

WWE Superstars Credits:
• Evan Bourne & Raven by JoeMashups.
• RVD by Bravebird31.
• Special Thanks to MrBigShowOff for hidden cutscene insight.
• Arena, attires, WWE Games championships & production by ElementGames.

Music & Theme songs :
• Rob Van Dam, Show theme & Heel Cena theme by MrAdamMassacre
• Raven Theme by Jayde Garrow
• Godfather theme by hotman718

• Production audio by :
Licensed under creative commons.

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