WWE 2K19 Story – John Cena SIGNS *NEW* Superstars to Aggression Roster

The John Cena WWE 2K19 Story rolls on as CEO Cena adds depth to his new Aggression brand by signing NEW superstars to his roster. The green brand debut two new wrestlers and immediately put them to work. Filmed on PC and WWE 2K19 PS4.

PLOT : John Cena inserted a secret clause into his WWE contract after hiring the world’s sneakiest lawyer (Dirk Palumbo) — this clause allowed him to buy a WWE brand extension once his contract had expired. Cena activated this clause and now runs the “green brand” WWE Aggression on the WWE Network. This is episode 13 of this series, you can catch up with other episodes here:

WWE Superstars Credits :
• Evan Bourne by JoeMashups.
• RVD by Bravebird31.
• Enzo Amore by JimmyVeez.
• Arena, attires, WWE Games championships & production by ElementGames.

• Rob Van Dam, Show theme & Heel Cena theme by MrAdamMassacre
• Adam Cole Theme by Jayde Garrow
• Godfather theme by hotman718

• Production audio by :
Licensed under creative commons.

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