WWE 2K18 Trailer – Epic Creation Mode Features (Official Gameplay)

We are now under 19 days away the the release of WWE 2K18 for the XB1 and PS4! In this trailer we run through all of the newly announced features for the highly anticipated 2K18 creation suite. This includes create a superstar (caw) create a show and create an arena!

WWE 2K have really surpassed expectations this year with a tonne of great improvements including the return of the free cam. They have also now added in the option to completely remove the crowd and referee from the background, as well as the arena to create a completely custom titantron experience.

All new for create a superstar are; new materials such as Glow, The ability to freely moves scars & manually edit superstars teeth, one by one. The ECW ballroom also debuts in this years game as well as a very cool looking high school gym arena for indy arena creation.

What do you think?

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