WWE 2K18 IRON MAN! – Batista Challenges Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33 PS4/XB1

Who is the ultimate iron man in WWE 2K18. The animal meets the Beast in the WWE 2K18 Wrestlemania dream match of the century. Two complete powerhouses with striking similarities stand head to head.

Batista & Lesnar are two huge AAA mega-star wrestlers. Brock made an even bigger name for himself outside of the WWE with his UFC career. The same can also be said for Batista, who has gone on to be a huge star in Hollywood with roles in 007 & Guardians of the Galaxy.

Can you imagine the hype behind a Wrestlemania match of this magnitude? Would this be another case of Goldberg vs Lesnar (all hype no technicality) or could this be an epic match?

Special thanks to WWE 2K for allowing ElementGames to record this footage on a near final build of the game a few weeks ago. Remember to smash that like button if you want to see more WWE 2K18 footage right here on the channel! thanks for reading guys!

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