WWE 2K18 GTA 5 Trailer – Undertaker Streak The Viper Strikes! – PS4/XB1 Gameplay Notion

The WWE 2K18 Trailer mini-series featuring The streak of the Undertaker returns! This time focusing on another follow up to the epic Undertaker Hype Teaser, The Undertaker has visions of the viper randy orton! WWE 2K18 Launching fall 2017.

Would you be excited to see the legendary streak mode make a return in WWE 2k? or maybe in the form of the 2k showcase? What did you think of this new trailer concept reveal? Leave your comments below, i can’t wait to read them!

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Special thanks to: yjkimo901, GameElite, Misha Volkov, Hotman718, Rafan Paul, Rub3945, , LarasLawyer, & Gabriel Cevallos.

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