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WWE 2K18 5 Awesome Ways RAW 9/17/18 Could End

Here are 5 epic ways that raw 9/17/18 could close in WWE 2K18. From Roman Reigns joining the samoan shield to Dolph Ziggler turning his back on Drew Mcintrye and Braun Strowman. Here are 5 awesome potential ways WWE could closeout RAW september 17th. #Raw

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Scenarios include; Roman Reigns aligning with the uso’s to form the samoan shield. Drew Mcintyre taking out Roman and Braun to declare his interest in the universal title. Dolph Ziggler going solo and Seth Rollins cleaning house.

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Most Downloaded Awesome Roman Reigns Attires in WWE 2K19

A collection of the most downloaded & Awesome WWE 2K19 Roman Reigns attires you can download via community creations in the game. Some of these look sick!

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WWE 2K19 What Happens if You Wrestle The Grandma Fan in the Crowd?

What happens if Daniel Bryan wrestles the grandma fans from the crowd in the WWE 2K19 Career? Check out more from ElementGames on YouTube gaming
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WWE 30 Man Royal Rumble 2019 With 15+ Surprise Returns | WWE 2K19 Custom

The 30 man Royal Rumble match 2019 is full of non stop action as past and present superstars throw down for the opportunity of performing in the main event of wrestlemania! Which awesome WWE will make their returns in this WWE 2K19 Royal Rumble match?

This video features amazing surprise superstars that would make some truly legendary pro-wrestling moments in the WWE universe! These custom caws can all be found on PS4 community creations.

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