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UFC 2 – CM Punk Knockout & Heavy Damage Compilation (EA Sports UFC 2)

CM Punk shares the octagon with some of the best fighters on the planet in this UFC 2 Knockout & Heavy Damage compilation!

Phil “CM Punk” Brookes makes his UFC debut in the octagon via EA Sports UFC 2 as he goes toe to toe with huge UFC stars such as Tim Means, Alexander Gustafsson, Dodger Montano and of course, Conor Mgcregor!

This is the premiere of UFC 2 on the channel! This is in addition to the current content on the channel & will not replace anything.

Music used :
1st song Danny Olson – If I Lose Myself Tonight

2nd Song
Little Whack by Jay man

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Music throughout by (music by Jay man) check out the site for great tracks!

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