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Triplemania 2017 / 2018 : Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara vs Mistico vs Caristico vs Penta El Zero vs Kalisto

A definitive Luchador showcase occurs in the famous mexico Arena at the monumental AAA Triplemania ppv-event.

An annual spectacle here on the channel. Mexican icon Rey Mysterio goes head to head with 2017 Sin Cara (now played by Hunico) vs Caristico (original sin cara) vs Mistico (trademark possessed by CMLL & now portrayed by Carlos Muñoz González) vs Kalisto vs La Parka (WCW Legend) vs Gran Metalik vs Penta El Zero.

I concede this is VERY confusing. The simplest way to explain is, Every time the first Mistico moves to a new company, that company keeps hold of the trademark and have another person play the character under the famous mask. Much the same as the WWE did with the 1st Sin Cara. He therefore is required to create another name for himself every time he changes organization. The same thing happened with Penta, with lucha underground taking the name.

You can capture all these epic Luchadors from WWE 2K18 PS4 Community Creations :
– AAA TripleMania Arena : luigirocker30
– Rey Mysterio : spider-rafa-11
– Gran Metalik : uriel06458
– Penta : juiceviddy
– Sin Cara : deacon
– La Parka : edergetsemani200
– Mistico : los3grumetes
– Kalisto : r-davis-123
– Caristico : neymar11fan534

Songs “reflection” by Tobu

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WWE 2K19 ZOMBIES INVASION MODE! – Feat. Randy Orton, Ryback, Triple H & Stone Cold

Randy Orton takes on WWE 2K19 Zombies invasion mode and attempts to survive waves of relentless zombies!

It was heavily speculated after the new WWE 2K19 The Phenomenal One official trailer was released, that there would be some sort of zombie mode in 2K19. Unfortunately this is not the situation. Triple H is the only superstar in the game to have such a model and this comes via My Career mode, however we have decided to make our own custom mode with created superstar zombies!

Special thanks to : Hotman718, JaydeGarrow, KjraGaming, GameElite & LarasLawyer.

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WWE 2K19 Top 10 New Weapon OMG Cutscenes (Universe & Showcase)

OUTRAGEOUS! The Top 10 new Weapon OMG cutscenes in WWE 2K19 from universe mode and 2k showcase. New post match scenes have been found in the universe mode CAV section, these allow epic post match scenarios such as a chokeslam or a spear through a table, a scoop slam on a ladder and even the kendo stick yes lock!

Special thanks to teknoaxe for the epic music. check out the channel here

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5 Awesome Ways Smackdown 10/2/18 Could End (WWE 2k18)

Here are 5 epic ways that Smackdown 10/2/18 could close in WWE 2K18. From Samoa Joe putting AJ Styles through a chair to Kofi Kingston playing possum to achieve the victory. Here are 5 awesome potential ways WWE could closeout Smackdown October 2nd. #Smackdown

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Scnearios include; Carmella being the special guest referee for Charlotte vs Becky Lynch and eventually growing tired of charlottes antics. Samoa joe securing himself inside of the steel structure from WWE champion AJ Styles. Kofi Kingston as special guest referee preventing Sheamus from defeating Sheamus.

#wwe2k18 #wrestling #wwegames

Special thanks to JaydeGarrow music, Hotman718 & MrBigShowOff.

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